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Contemporary Art Magazine

nowiswere is an accumulation ground for socio-political, aesthetic realities of the present; a gathering of artistic authorial positions of the status quo with a wide range of international participants.

Editors: Veronika Hauer & Fatos Ustek


TH (Thematics)
artists and writers are invited to produce a small contribution in text or image format, up to 1000 words and up to 4 pages, respectively. The themes source from individual articulations of a certain status quo.

EF (Expecting Future)
Is a sub section of Thematics, hosting texts pointing out possibilities of future and positioning the potentials of the to-come-true. As expecting future requires awareness of present, the section will be the gathering of the today's variety of practices, attitutes, tendencies.

AS (Artists Specials)
hosting evaluations on or interviews with artists. Each issue will
hold five artist specials.

CC - Critic's Corner
Hosts reviews on recent shows, concerts, events, performances...